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Pharmacy Digital Ads



Applying digital displays (LED Televisions) using information technology and TV ads networksoft wares at thepoint of purchase is the newest strategy to advertise products with the greatest impact on consumers at the place of purchase.

According to the world marketing researches, the most effective advertisement is displayingads at the place of purchase which can influence theconsumer’s decisionup to 70 percent.

Shabakeh Rasa has launched an exclusive digital TV Ads network at Iranian drugstores considering the following:

 1- Drugstores are official and reliable authorities for distribution of cosmetics and healthcare products in Iran and most Iranians prefer to buy their products from them.

2- Advertising on LED screens atdrugstoresis less expensive than advertising on TV channels and has a wide range of audience.

3- TV ads are the most effective and attractive media among other types of media.

4- Iran has the seventh rank in applying cosmetics and healthcare products in the world and is the second consumer in the Middle East.


 Digital advertising features of  Shabakeh Rasa  in drugstores:


 1- PlacingTVs at the best and busiest drugstores in Iran,

2- Permanent monitoring of ads on TV broadcasts,

3- Thepossibility to display exclusive teasers in sale festivals at different times,

4- The possibility to change ads according to the request of the ad owner,

5- Displaying ads at drugstores based on the target city or region,

6- Influencing consumer buying decision,

7- Controlling displayed ads as a network through the central server,

8- Drugstores are not able to change the teasers,

9- In case the TV is turned off for any reason, a warning is sent with its code immediately to the control network so that necessary actions are taken promptly to turn on the TV.

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