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Shabake Rasa

Shabakeh  Rasa Company has had  great goals on its honorable record . Pure ideas have always been associated with Shabakeh Rasa  in a think tankas wide as state-of-the-art expert thoughts achieving the bests.

Media Production of Shabakeh Rasa  Company:

Documented reports, industrial documentaries, educational documentaries, animation, time lapse of construction projects, multimedia CDs, professional and industrial photography, and three-dimensional designs with the most modern instruments and equipment are among the production services of this company.

Shabakeh Rasa is an agent member for receiving and broadcasting commercials of TV, radio and national and provincial channels. The channel has produced radio and TV teasers, various TV and participative programs and contests, and commercial reportages, and have been consulting valid companies and brands in marketing and branding issues.

Shabakeh Rasa is a consultant and executive for media and environmental advertisements in Iran. Having billboards, pedestrian bridges and giant city screens in Iran, shabakeh Rasa is the exclusive advertisement executive of eight city screens in the busiest parts of  Iran.




The most expressive music of life is yours.

Having the license from Iranian Association of Pharmacists, Shabakeh Rasa is executing the project of informing and instructing the culture of health through industrial monitors in order to standardize the pharmacies of Iran. Pharmacies are the best places for transferring health concepts and promoting health culture in societies, and apparent homogeneity and service standardizing are the ways for promoting the quality of services in pharmacies. The execution of digital advertisement projects is via a safe network which is controllable and changeable. Using Shabakeh Rasa Central Server, 2500 users can simultaneously be controlled. While advertisement through posters and brochures in pharmacies is expensive, has little persistence, leads to visual turbulence and lacks appropriate feedback, digital advertisement does not have these shortcomings and is attractive and effective for its audience.



Using audiovisual facilities in pharmacies leads to increased quality of services and customer satisfaction.

Shabakeh Rasa is a reliable way for standardizing services, transferring health concepts and promoting health culture in society.


Shabakeh Rasa, exclusive executive of digital advertisement in pharmacies of Iran